Spring is Here with the 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show

For me, one of the great heralding moments of Spring (no matter what the thermometer says) is the Philadelphia Flower Show.  An easy car/train/bus trip up 95 – this annual extravaganza of nature’s delights is not to be missed.  In addition to the sheer beauty of the displays, the show offers great educational opportunities for novices as well as choices for the seasoned gardener.

This year’s theme was the natural beauty of our National Parks.  As we stood looking at four large screens projecting the endless vistas of Yosemite, the Grand Tetons, the Great Smoky Mountains, Arcadia, Denali (and the list goes on) – my friend Mary turned to me and said “Aren’t we lucky”?  And indeed we are!

At the base of giant redwoods


Fabric with light projected to look like giant trees


Arcadia National Park

Arcadia National Park

Aside from the large, dramatic theme driven displays, there are also “designer” categories, set pieces (like a front porch or stoop), and imaginative ways to plant.

An old library file cabinet becomes a planter for herbs.


from the Designer Group


The side view of a small front stoop – complete with edibles!

Ready to take on your yard?  Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you things from two of our favorite vendors.