How to properly manage the YouTube channel to get more video views

It is fact that most of the people these days enjoy watching videos related multiple contents on YouTube. While according to a study, Generation X usually watches 1.5 billion YouTube videos in a single day and the average viewers watch more than an hour in the day on their devices.

Then why my YouTube channel doesn’t capture enough views? Why your videos are not seen by most of the people? These questions definitely frustrate you every day. You would be disappointed after seeing that your YouTube channel view counts remain low.

Well here are some of the tips to successfully manage your YouTube channel to get more video views:

Encourage your viewers to subscribe

The best source of getting views is your existing viewers. If you want that your existing viewers watch every content of your channel then encourage them to subscribe your channel. It will notify them whenever you upload the new video. It will help you to get the instant views whenever you upload the new video.

The simplest and easy way to make your viewers subscribe is to ask to subscribe to the channel. Add a reminder call at the end of the video asking to subscribe to your channel. Also, provide the link of your channel in the description of the video. It will help them to do so.

Ask Your Audience what they want to see

People will love to watch the content they want to. You can easily make people watch your videos if you created the content about what they want to see. It's like reading the mind of people.

The creator of YouTube Graham Cochrane said in an interview that "An astonishing thing happens when you ask people what they want and need and after that, you go and make it for them. They think you read their psyche!"

The simplest way of doing this is directly asking your audience that what they want to see. You can build multiple fan groups over different social media where you can facilitate the viewers that they can share his desire and you will make it for them. You can also ask them in the comment box on YouTube.

Use Playlist to keep people watching

You may have noticed that most of the successful YouTube channels have a playlist of the videos. They had categorized the videos and created the different playlist related to that category.

These channel owners completely understand the power of the auto-play technique. It is very difficult for viewers to pull out themselves from the online video rabbit hole. The viewer may not want to watch the next video and not to click to play, but he will definitely hit the stop button to stop the video. It will give you another view without the viewer’s desire. You can simply make a playlist

Use end screens, cards, and watermarks to promote videos

Using cards and end screens are the best option to promote your videos while watermarks help you to promote your channel.

Cards work on video like pop-ups on the screen containing the link of another video during the video play and end screen appears at the end of the video to promote the other video of the channel. While watermarks appear at the right bottom corner in all videos at the same time. These techniques play a wide role in capturing the views of people.

Optimize Your Channel

Optimizing the channel is also a very good option to capture the views of people. You can simply add your social media channels, create the great channel icon or you can showcase your quality content with a channel trailer.

These techniques attract people to visit your channel and watch videos of it. It will help you a lot in gaining the viewer's attention towards your channel.

You can also some eye-catching channel banner art that should be at least 2560x1440 pixels. You can easily find any template online to design your channel banner.

Well, try the above-described tips on your channel and experience the amazing feedback and amount of views to your channel. It will definitely help you to get more video views from people. If you need some help managing your view is here to help you out.