Public Transportation Gets a Boost with Metroway on Alexandria’s Rt 1 Corridor

Public transportation on Alexandria’s Rt 1 corridor will get a boost when the Metroway opens in mid-August.

Also known as bus rapid transit, the Metroway represents a new way of thinking about public transportation.

Out the front door and on to the bus

Out the front door and on to the bus

The service will use bus-only lanes along a five-mile stretch between Crystal City in Arlington, Potomac Yard and Alexandria.

The buses will be frequent and the stops will offer shelters, benches, lighting and landscaping.

Shelter – Under Construction


Early Landscaping

The first section of the Metroway to open is on Rt. 1 at Swann Avenue to just south of East Howell.


At that point, the buses will detour into regular traffic lanes to cross the Monroe Street bridge and make their way to the Braddock Rd Metro.

Ultimately the completed route will incorporate bus-only lanes on Potomac Avenue and Crystal Drive as well as other sections of Rt. 1.

It’s easy to be skeptical about this project, particularly if, like us, you live in Del Ray just blocks from the construction.  But, we’re eager to see what happens once the system is up and rolling.

One thing we have noticed – the bus lanes provide a nice buffer against 8 lanes of traffic when trying to cross Rt. 1 as a pedestrian or biker.  And given the popularity of Potomac Yard Park that’s no small matter.



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