Good Manners Can Help You Get the Home You want in Northern Virginia

Whether a buyers market or a sellers market, good manners can help you get the home you want in Northern Virginia.

463px-Gibson_Girl_by_Charles_Dana_Gibson“Please” and “thank you” is a good place to start but real estate manners go a step beyond. As much as anything it’s a mind set – be on time, be courteous, be prepared, and be responsive.

Be on time – unless the property is vacant, setting an appointment for a buyer to see a home means the seller needs to tidy up, perhaps corral animals, and then leave their home for a specified time. If you, as the buyer, are late or change your mind at the last minute then the home owner is inconvenienced – and should you decide you want to see it in the future – or even put in a contract – that owner is not going to remember you fondly. Yes, things do happen but put yourself in the home owner’s shoes. How much do you like to be inconvenienced?

Be courteous – it doesn’t happen often but occasionally the owners will be home when you are there. Don’t share your likes or dislikes and be mindful of what you communicate if the opportunity for polite conversation arises. It will be easier for your agent to negotiate if you are like a Switzerland – neutral! If you have questions about the home, take good notes and wait until you can talk to your agent in private. He or she can find out the information you need without undermining your bargaining position. And, if you know from the moment you walk in that the house isn’t right, do a quick walk-through just to be certain – and polite!

Be prepared – You want to be seen as a serious buyer, a serious client. So, get pre-
approved and have a pre-approval letter ready to show your realtor. Don’t “think”
you know how much you can spend – know exactly how much. Know the size of the
down payment you can make. Have those funds ready and be prepared to write a check at
a moment’s notice.


Be responsive – When your agent or lender requests documents, signatures, or answers, respond quickly and as accurately as possible. There is no time to waste when negotiations are in progress.

There, now that’s not too hard is it? Using good manners is more than having people like you. It could be the beginning of a successful real estate transaction. Good will helps things to move along at a steady pace and often times with a better outcome than if the sellers were selling to a buyer they really didn’t like.

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