Metroway is Up and Running on Rt. 1 in Del Ray and Potomac Yard

If you regularly travel the Rt 1 corridor from Alexandria to Washington, you have been an eyewitness to the on-going construction saga that is the new Metroway  or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

And if motoring our way in not part of your routine, well, you’re in for a big surprise.

Buses Only


Starting yesterday, August 24, new Metro buses now occupy the center lane of Rt 1 between East Glebe and foot of the Monroe Street bridge.

The remainder of the route, which circulates between the Braddock Rd and Crystal City Metro stations, will take place in mixed traffic.


Phase 11 plans (Spring 2018) include connecting the Pentagon City Metro, along with new transit stops on Fayette and at 33rd Street and Crystal Drive.  Ultimately the long awaited Potomac Yard Metro will join the circuit too.

As much as we have complained about the construction, we are pleasantly pleased with the final product.

Lots of seating and protection from the elements


The stations are sleek, the pathways well marked and the landscaping, while years from maturity, is well done and thoughtful.


The Washington Post, in a long article, quoted Eric Randall, a senior transportation engineer at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments as saying: ““A lot of people will be looking to this project as a test concept to find out what lessons they can learn from it.

This is the first BRT in the region. It offers us an opportunity to apply some concepts for the first time — things like off-board fare collection, a design of bus stops with higher platforms and custom design shelters, a new branding and frequency of buses.”

An unexpected, but much welcomed outcome, is the relative ease with which one can now cross Rt 1 on foot or bike.  We love using Potomac Yard Park for long walks but had taken to actually driving our car to Potomac Avenue rather than negotiating the 12 lanes of oncoming traffic – a scary, scary proposition.

The bus lanes have changed that, creating both a buffer and midway stopping point.  Pedestrians and bikers will still need to be cautious but we now walk to Potomac Ave on a daily basis.

The impact of Metroway on real estate in Del Ray and Potomac Yard will probably not be felt immediately the long view is quite optimistic.

As the commercial sites (like the new 70,000 Giant) begin to take shape in Potomac Yard the Metroway is a bonus for hourly wage workers who rely heavily on public transportation.

We’re always excited about ‘what’s next’ for Del Ray and  all of Alexandria and this is right at the top of the list.

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