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Arlandria is a triangular area bordered by East/West Glebe, Four Mile Run and Route 1 and the name reflects the side by side geography of Alexandria and Arlington.

It is also a conglomeration of smaller neighborhoods with semi-official names or nick names like Hume Springs, Sunnyside, Lynhaven, Chiralaguna, etc.

In terms of real estate, this area of Alexandria is characterized by slow gentrification but close proximity to the developing Potomac Yard – a perfect combination for new buyers and investors.

How Community Oriented Police in Alexandria Are Making a Difference

Just last Wednesday we brought you an article about how Alexandria’s crime rate had dropped to it’s lowest point in 40 years.  Today, a story about how Community Oriented Police (COPs) in Alexandria are making a difference.

Our friends over at the Arlandrian were to first to pick up on an article from the Alexandria Police Department’s newsletter, The Police Beat.

It involves graffiti, often used by rival gangs to initiate threats, a stretched city budget, two resourceful police officers and a company called (what else?) Graffiti Removal, Inc. It’s a story that makes you proud.

YouTube Preview Image

Want to know more about living in this great community?  Give me a call at 703.927.4554 and let’s make this your home too.

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Marino’s Pizza and Subs on Rt. 1 in Alexandria Receives Special Use Permit

Marino’s Pizza and Subs on Rt. 1, a long time Lynhaven*** fixture, has received a special use permit from the city planning commission.

Marino's Pizza and Subs

Marino's Pizza and Subs

Marino’s, with it’s distinctive purple paint and deck area adorned with fake palm trees, is planning a 2,547 square foot addition that will include a second restaurant.  Owner Ather Subzwari will add 44 seats for a second level, cafeteria style dining room.

The request included a modification of the rear setback from 25 to 6 feet and the installation of new landscaping.  Subzwari is also working with Inturias Auto to use their lot for night time parking.

There are no current plans for alcohol sales but Marino’s will continue to be open till 1:00am on weeknights and 2:00am on Friday and Saturday.

Marino's Deck

Marino's Deck

The special use permit was granted despite a recommendation of denial by the Del Ray Citizens Association (DRCA).  The DRCA noted their disapproval was more about the lack of long term planning for Route 1 development than about Marino’s. (Marino’s sits directly across the street from the Target at Potomac Yard

At the same time, Marino’s is positioning itself for the development of Potomac Yard and the proposed Metro station.  Drawings show the new Metro station located behind the Target and Marino’s is directly across the street from Target.

Smart moves for all concerned.


*** Lynhaven is a neighborhood adjacent to Del Ray and Arlandria with Route 1 as one of its borders.

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A New and Improved Four Mile Run Farmers and Artisans Market

Our friend Kevin Beekman at the Arlandrian has announced a new and improved Four Mile Run Farmers and Artisans Market (4MRMarket) for 2011.

4MR MarketOpening for the season on Sunday, April 2, the market promises to be “stronger, more attractive to customers and more inclusive for everyone in the community.”

This is what we can look forward to:

For more on what is happening with the Four Mile Run Market, click here.

And if you are interested in property in this fast developing area, give me a call at 703.927.4554.


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Sculpture at Del Ray Central Apartments in Alexandria, VA

This concrete and marble sculpture, “Three Eggs in Space” stands at the intersection of Mt. Vernon and Commonwealth, on the site of the Del Ray Central Apartments.

X Back View

Commissioned as public art, the sculpture by artist Karen Bailey, represents motherhood.  The large concrete oval is the mother, the smaller marble egg is the baby.

X Front

An important transition area for the north end of Del Ray into Arlandria, this sculpture is sure to become a geographic landmark as development of the Calvert moves forward.


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Del Merei Grill First to Close with Redevelopment of the Calvert

The City of Alexandria is expected to release a highly anticipated proposal this week supporting the redevelopment of the Calvert in Arlandria.

The Del Merei Grill has already announced that they will be the first business to close in conjunction with the redevelopment.

The Calvert is located near the corner of West Glebe Road and directly across from the newly opened Del Ray Central Apartments.

X Calvert Shop signA linchpin between the neighborhoods of Del Ray and Arlandria, the redevelopment of the Calvert comes as Arlandria is beginning to stake it’s own identity with a neighborhood centric blog and new Farmers Market.

According to Duncan Blair, attorney for the Calvert’s owner, United Dominion Realty (UDR), This development will take a building that contributes very little to it’s immediate environs and create an active streetscape . . . . it’s energy in the community.”

All residential tenants in the Calvert are on year-to-year leases and UDR expects the building to be completely empty by 2012.  The commercial tenants have all signed a confidentiality agreement and are not at liberty to discuss current negotiations.

Mary Reid, co-owner of the Del Merei Grill with her brother Eric, choose to leave early noting “It’s better to be the first one out.”

The City of Alexandria Planning Commission will consider the Calvert Proposal at their September meeting.


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