In Northern Virginia “Two Marines Moving” Can Take You Where You Need to Go

Whether you are buying or selling a house, the odds on needing a mover are pretty high. And why not? Leave the heavy lifting to someone else.

We love the story behind Two Marines Moving, a Virginia based company born of hard work and hard earned business lessons.

Yes, these are real Marines

Yes, these are real Marines

Consider these three takeaways from founder and president (and former Iraq War infantryman) Nick Baucom in a recent Washington Post article.

“Perseverance. I had a business that did not succeed. It was maddening, frightening and depressing. I didn’t let any of that stop me. I learned from my lessons, haven’t repeated them, and now I have a company that made Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies in America.

Leverage. I could grow Two Marines Moving at an even faster pace than our current trajectory by taking on debt or investors, but doing so would invite a host of new problems. We grow organically, reinvesting our profits in the company.

Proficiency. I didn’t know how to do every job of everyone I employed with the construction business. I didn’t know the details of carpentry, plumbing, etc. Now, I know how to do every job that is done at Two Marines Moving . . . mover, driver, sales consultant, dispatcher, recruiter, marketer.”

Two Marines Moving can take you anyplace in the Metro area and many places on the East Coast.  The only caveat?  The move must start in the DC area.

Prices are on the high end of movers but Baucom pays a living wage, another tribute to the integrity with which he runs his company.

Not quite ready to move yet but need to store furniture?  Two Marines Moving can help you with that too in a newly launched phase of the business.

We aren’t planning to move anytime soon but when we do, it’s a sure bet we’ll call Two Marines Moving.


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