Revitalizing Del Ray’s Mt. Vernon Community School Playground

One of the things we love best about being Realtors is being part of the community we live in.  This project to revitalize Del Ray’s Mt. Vernon Community School (MVCS) playground has really caught our attention and for all the right reasons.


The playground is, of course, filled during the week but it’s also filled on the weekends when the entire neighborhood uses it.  It occupies a prominent spot on Mt. Vernon Avenue and is part of a larger, equally well used complex that includes the Duncan Library and the Mt. Vernon Community Center.  In other words, MVCS is right smack in the middle of everything that makes Del Ray so special!

Great care has been devoted to both the physical rehabilitation of the space as well as incorporating best practices about what makes “play” so important for children.  Among those are accessibility, inclusive play and outdoor learning.

Whether you are new parents in the Del Ray/Potomac Yard area or first time buyers thinking ahead, this project is one that is well worth a second look.

Virginia and Michael