Frolick Dogs Canine Sports Club is Alexandria’s Newest Dog Business


Welcome to Frolick Dogs Canine Sports Club, Alexandria’s newest dog centric business.

Kevin Gilliam

Just about a year and a half ago, Kevin Gilliam was at the Royal restaurant having lunch with some of his colleagues from the Old Town School for Dogs.

He casually mentioned that he had an idea for a new dog business, got an enthusiastic response and well, the rest is history,

Located just off Duke Street on Colvin Road, Frolick is literally a sports club  for dogs with treadmills, balance balls, cross-training and an agility course of hurdles, tunnels and balance beams.  The 6000 sq ft facility also includes self-washing stations and an upstairs day care/boarding area.

Double Hurdles

Kevin, along with his wife Kim, has a strong background in dog training. He is committed to providing the best experience possible and strengthening the bond between pet and owner.

A looong tunnel

Because we took Molly Louise, our rotten spoiled poodle, with us, we got to see first hand just how Kevin relates to animals, especially as he coached us on how to work the hurdles and tunnels.  Once she got over her ‘first time jitters’, Molly was jumping, walking the balance beam and zipping through that bright yellow tunnel like she had been doing it all her life.  What fun!

For us Frolick is going to be a great go to spot on horridly hot summer days or the frigid, dark days of winter when we just can’t bear to play outside.  The private agility classes are another thing we’re looking forward to trying.

Jumping rings

And for my clients?  What a great new service to recommend, especially for apartment dwellers and condominium owners.

Day and monthly passes are available for both the gym and boarding.   Boarding dogs have automatic use of the gym and are supervised by Kevin and Kim.  Owners who  want only to use the gym must accompany their dogs.

The Gilliam’s also want to educate owners and plan a series of wellness seminars throughout the year.  Topics will include food choices, early detection of breed specific ailments, first aid vs a trip to the vet, holistic treatments, etc.

Just as we were leaving, and almost as an aside, I noted that the building had an attached garage.  Kevin said that when looking for space, a garage was non-negotiable. Why?  Because he wants to serve disabled veterans (a topic near and dear to my heart) and their companion dogs who may need special accommodations  getting in or out of their vehicles.

Frolick Dogs

Establishing a foundation for retired Alexandria police dogs is another long-term goal.

Any way you look at it Kevin and Kim are bringing a great new service to Alexandria’s dog loving community and we look forward to supporting them.


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