Choosing Your Realtor

You have decided to stop renting and you want to buy a home of your very own.  It’s scary, it’s a big purchase and you’re going to need help from a professional Realtor.

Not only are you going to need a professional, you are going to want someone  you can talk to, someone you can trust, and someone who makes you feel comfortable about the process.  So, how do you go about choosing your Realtor?

1) Ask friends and family for recommendations but don’t be afraid to do your own research too.

2) Choose a local Realtor.  He or she will know the area better than an “outsider” and will have access to a list of vendors (plumbers, electricians, etc. that might be useful to you once you find your property.  Any money that you might save by using Great Uncle Harry or Third Cousin Susie from “back home” will be lost in their lack of knowledge about the local market – right down to specific neighborhoods.

3) Ask for references – he or she should be willing to give you the names of previous clients.

4) Don’t be fooled by a Realtor who tells you they have “special” access to information.  All Realtors’ have access to the same data base  – it’s   how they use it that counts.

5) Don’t be “wowed” by someone who quotes you massive statistics about the sales they have made.  Maybe they have, maybe they haven’t.   It’s what they will do for you that counts, not what they did for someone else.

6) Don’t be “wowed” by someone who shows off all the latest technology or put off by someone who is showing a bit of gray.  It’s not a case of technology vs. experience – it’s a combination of both.

7) Look for someone who is generous with resources and time.

8) Finally, find someone you feel comfortable with.  Someone who is willing to walk you through the process step by step.  Someone who is willing to answer any and all questions.   Someone who can anticipate and help solve any problems.   Someone who is going to help you find the house that you want rather than just making the sale.

Buying a house should be fun and exciting.  Choosing your Realtor is just the first step.

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