Alexandria Neighborhoods: Scriptorium in Old Town is Closing After 38 Years

We are sad to say that one of our favorite Old Town stores, Scriptorium, is closing at the end of August after 38 years in the same location.

As owner Judy Shavin, a model of manners and decorum noted, “It’s just time.”

Judy Shavin


In a missive sent to all her customers,  Judy noted that she will entertain serious buyers  with the hope that someone would “carry on the traditions of proper etiquette, good taste and personalized service.”

But, if you are interested, there is no time to waste!

In stock merchandise is already half price and fixtures and props will go on sale August 19.

Thank you Judy for being an oasis of civility in a world that is often sadly lacking.  We’ll miss you!

The very best on your new Florida adventure


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