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Where to Board Your Dog in Northern Virginia

You’re going on vacation and the check list is coming along nicely – reservations, deposits, travel books, a few new clothing items, an extra suitcase, dog boarding.  STOP!

That last one – where to board your dog – has got your stumped hasn’t it?  Sometimes you can ask your neighbor but they are going to be out of town.  And the young person who was looking for a summer job?  Ummm, seems they found something else to do.

So where do you board your dog in Northern Virginia?

Today’s Washington Post “Local Living” section offered these top kennels as rated by Washington Consumer’s Checkbook (please note there are several Maryland facilities listed):

This was a good article and informative but we have our own local sources from our neighborhood list servs (Rosemont, Del Ray, Beverley Hills). 

This is a recent compilation based on a neighbor’s request for recommendations:

We will be adding to this list as more names come to our attention but this should give you a good start on where to board your dog in Northern Virginia – and a hassle free vacation.

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